Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Wordful Wednesdays - "Picture Perfect"

It's Wordful Wednesday !
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Since I'm coming off of my Mother's Day high, I decided to dedicated this week's pic. to my 3 heartbeats!

Hey look it's mi familia chilling on Mother's Day! I LOVE this picture of the kiddies and I. They make my job as a mom so easy. Seriously they do. God surely blessed me when he gave me these 3 precious kids. I couldn't sing their praises enough.

Sure they get into things I'd prefer they not get into and of course they say and do the strangest things from time to time but all in all, they're pretty good.

They laugh at my jokes even when they're really bad and they always know what to say to make me feel good about being a mom. I absolutely adore and love the fact that in the middle of hard core playing, they'll stop and say "Mommy!! I Love You!" It's the best thing to hear ever and always warms my heart.

They're just really good boys and they're cute too so I think I'll keep em. ;) I'm so proud to call them my own. They're really sweet and my love for them just continues to grow on a daily basis.

I love watching them grow and nurturing their dreams and passions.
I'm loving this part of my journey in life and can't wait to see where it takes me in the future. :)


  1. I think you're wise to keep 'em. They're beautiful!

  2. What a lovely family you have. Love the big smiles.

  3. Aww,thanks for the lovely comments ladies. :)

  4. Absolutely darling kids! You are blessed!
    I am following you on Friday Follow. Please come visit me @ www.happyfamilyhappykids.blpgspot.com


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