Monday, May 17, 2010

Inspirational Mondays - "Don't Let People Label You"

Start off your week with a little Inspiration!

"Throughout life, people are constantly telling us what we can or cannot become and what we have or don’t have. It’s just like they’re sticking a label on us: too short, too slow, too old, too many mistakes, not talented enough. These labels are not what God says about us. If we don’t know any better, we will wear them like they're the truth, and it limits what God wants to do in our lives. But understand, people don’t determine our destiny; God does.

If you’re going to rise to the next level and become everything God has created you to be, remove every label that is holding you back. You are not what people label you. You are what God labels you. God labels you, “chosen, forgiven, restored, redeemed, valuable, a masterpiece.” When you remember what God says about you, those wrong labels will not be able to stick, and you will see God’s victory in your life!" - Joel Osteen

I hope you all put this message to good use. Brush your shoulders off and have a prosperous and blessed week everyone!

Happy Monday to ya! :)


  1. Thanx for the comment Sheila! Hope u have a lovely day! :)

  2. That's wonderful! I much prefer God's labels. I must remember that!

  3. @Blue Violet- I prefer God's labels much better too ;)

    @Shannon- Thanks love! Can't take much credit since it's from Joel but I'm glad it touched ya! :)


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