Wordful Wednesdays - "Gone but not forgotten..."

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"Gone but not forgotten..."

(Sorry if these shots are hard to view)

A couple of days ago I was heading to the commissary on base and part of the parking lot was blocked off. There were 3 bus loads filled with Marines and I initially thought they were returning home from a deployment until I looked closer and saw all the wives crying and wiping tears from their eyes. Their husbands were being deployed. :(

It breaks my heart every time I see buses like these around the base. The optimist in me always hopes and wishes that they're here to bring the troops home but often times it's not that way.
I hate war, I hate the fact that while I'm sitting here writing this post, there's a Marine wife crying herself to sleep or trying to explain to her kids why daddy's gone or trying to figure out how she's gonna get her household chores done while the kids are up.

Even though it's a really personal moment, I had to share what exactly I experience on any given day on this base and what A LOT of other military wives are experiencing as well.

Please send up a quick little prayer for ALL the troops who are currently fighting for us to have sweet dreams and sleep tight every night.

Happy Hump Day everyone!


  1. Sending a lot of love and prayers to you and the other military wives and a HUGE thank you to all of you and your husband's for your sacrifices. BIG BIG HUGS!

  2. Although I was only a military brat, I remember these sights during Dessert Storm.

    I was also lucky enough to live on Hickam AFB where they would bring most of them home, so after about a year of seeing bus loads of military leaving and more people crying...I got to see tears of happiness (including mine) as these men started to return, proudly displaying our flag from the nose of planes. All those hugs that were long lived and the joy to be able to welcome these men and women with pride, it was an awesome experience.

  3. I feel the same way.

    Have a great day!

  4. Day in and day out, that scene replays itself all over, doesn't it? So sad, and yes, let's not forget it!

  5. Thanx for stopping by and for the prayers ladies. It's definitely something that sucks about being in the military.

    Oka- thanks for reminding me that the buses will return and the wives will have tears of joy next time. :)

  6. Sending prayers...xoxo


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