Wordful Wednesday! - "Suck It"

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It's munchkin # 3 sucking his sneakers!

Do you think he was hungry? To my defense, I had just finished feeding him. He's just obsessed with his toes and tried adamantly to suck/chew his sneakers off in order to reach his toes. I love how flexible babies are. I happen to think babies sucking their toes is the cutest and funniest thing ever.

I heart him :)


  1. I heart him too. This is classic. My son, 13 1/2 months old now, has never worn shoes. He's so going to hate me when I actually put some on him...

  2. Such a CUTIE! Oh to be that flexible again... ;)

  3. Pam- LOL. Either he'll hate ya or you can move to Hawaii, he'd love it here since they pretty much don't wear shoes here.

    Stacy- Thanks so much. I hear ya on the flexibility ;)


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