Monday, April 5, 2010

Inspirational Mondays - "Get your thoughts right !"

It's another Monday, time to send some positive energy and inspiration your way.

Inspirational Quote:

Today, if you are struggling to stay excited about your life, if you struggle with staying passionate, why don't you make a list of all the things that you have to be grateful for. If you have your health, write it down. If you can see, write it down. If you've got a job, write "I've got a job." "I've got family." "I've got friends." "I've got children." Make that list and then every day before you leave the house, go over it two or three times and get your mind going in the right direction. Remember, your life is going to follow your thoughts, so get your thoughts going in the right direction so you can live with passion and enthusiasm the way God intends! " - Joel Osteen

Have a blessed and prosperous week my friends.

Happy Monday!! :)

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