Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Wordful Wednesday! - "R.I.P. Ethan Loney"

My Wordful Wednesday's a little sad this week.

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Every Sunday the lovely Supah uses her blog voice to share the struggles of a cute little boy named Jaden Duttine. He's going through the tribulations of having cancer and was best friends with another cancer fighter named Ethan Loney.

On April 9th, precious Ethan left this world with all the pain he'd endured to join his master and be free from all the trails of having cancer. It's such a terrible way to lose a child and such a tremendous burden for a child to bear.

I shared Ethan's story with my own children and they were moved by it. So when Supah asked us to release a white balloon in Ethan's honor my kids asked "Mommy can we send it up to him?"

And so they did...

R.I.P. Dear Ethan...


  1. Isn't great our kids wanted to take part?

  2. Kids really do get it, don't they?

  3. Yea, I was very proud of them for wanting to be apart of it.

  4. Brings tears to my eyes! This is precious and so sorry about Ethan.

  5. It's so sad. No child should have to face Cancer!

  6. I know, it really is sad. I can't imagine how his mom must feel right now. It's just heart breaking.

    Thanx for the comments ladies.


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