Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Wordless Wednesdays!!

This is my first time participating in Angie from Seven Clown Circus's Wordless Wednesdays.

I'm always down for playing along. If you wanna play along too, click on the Circus tent below to link up!

Here's my pic for this week:

This here is our dog Chip with my newborn Chace.

I think this pic is hilarious. Chip is SUPER scared of Chace for some reason. Maybe it's Chace's size or his cries, I dunno what it is but he's just not a big fan of Chace. All I know is whenever I try to get Chip to greet Chace, he runs away.

For this pic I kept running (really it was more like walking a little fast) around the house trying to get him to greet Chace. He finally realized that I wasn't gonna give up so he just sat down with this "Ok, ok, I give up, fine!" look on his face. LOL

Once he sat down I took the opportunity to put Chace on his back and munchkin # 1 thought it'll be funny to catch the moment.

I thought it was SOO cute. Chace was enjoying the brisk walk around the house and being on top of Chip.

[P.S. No animals or children were hurt in the snapping of this picture. :)]


  1. Cute photo! And I love the disclosure about no animals or children being hurt. :)

  2. I think every parent who has a dog has had their baby ride them like a horse!!!!

    Super cute pic!

  3. Oh good. I was hoping I wasn't alone in that. Some of my family said that was mean of me to do despite me telling them that the dog was fine and I didn't place Chace's weight on him, I just had him hovering over him. :)

  4. Very cute! Babies and dogs (both of them cutie pies!) You can't go wrong with that! Happy WW!

  5. Thanks Olivia. Happy WW to you too. :)

  6. too cute for words!!!

    sorry i'm late, come visit me...

    The Buzz

  7. No worries Brandy. Better late than never. ;) Thanks for stopping by and commenting.


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