Funny Kiddy Story - "Band Aids"

This funny kiddy story comes courtesy of Ethan and Mekhi.

My kids are addicted to band aids. I don't remember ever liking band aids so much as a kid. I mean the whole purpose of a band aid is that it covers a boo boo which meant you were hurt so when you think about it, why would you want to get addicted to something that initially would remind you of getting hurt? Hmm...

I dunno, I'm baffled. I recently bought a box of 20 Spongebob band aids (BIG MISTAKE!!!) and they're ALL gone. So Ethan comes to me with a little cut one day and says "mommy, I have a cut and we ran out of band aids). So I flip out and say "What?!? Where did they go!?!" No I'm kidding, I checked his cut first (while asking where the band aids went) especially since I'd just bought a brand new box and especially since I don't remember them coming to me about getting boo boos.

Maybe it was the fact that Spongebob was on the band aid. I think that was just partially it because even when I buy boring, regular old band aids, they still seem to disappear. Yet I haven't seen or heard of any traumatic boo boos that needed them.

SOOOO!! I start questioning both kids about why they used so many band aids when its supposed to be reserved for cuts that actually need them. You know, the ones that actually have blood. Maybe it's a boy thing!?!

Come to find out, they're putting the band aids on simple little scratches that bleed for like 10 seconds. Ones that a little A & D ointment will do justice to. So I tell them that I'm never buying another band aid in the house, EVER! I also tell them that if they ever truly need a band aid, I'll just tape some cotton balls down on the boo boo to stop the bleeding since they're obviously being wasteful by putting perfectly good band aids on simple little scratches.

I then continue on to give them the "money doesn't grow on trees" speech which they've heard a thousand times before, which goes in one ear and out the other.

So last week I secretly bought a pack of band aids and decided to hide it in my medicine cabinet just in case they will actually need it. I really don't wanna be mean. I have a soft spot for them even when they drive me crazy. I just hope they don't find my stash...


  1. LOL! My little ones love band aids too. Every little scratch and they want a band aid. I was thinking that maybe I should get the plain old boring tan colored band aids we grew up with. I don't recall ever wanting one of those on me for one little scratch. Hmmm.....

  2. See!! I'm glad it's not just my kids and I'm glad I'm not the only one who remembers not thinking it was cool to want a band aid. lol


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