R.I.P. Cyrus Belt

This is by FAR one of the saddest stories I've ever heard. First let me say that I don't really watch the news here in Hawaii. I know, that's bad. I never really cared for watching the news no matter where I lived because I always get depressed during or right after watching it especially if a story hits home a little too closely.

The other day I was watching Oprah and immediately following her show, the news comes on. At the time I was feeding my newborn Chace and he'd fallen asleep on my chest. I was searching for the remote to change the channel and realized that it was at the opposite end of the couch. I was SOOOO tired that day so I decided to just watch the news for about 10 minutes while I muster up the strength to get up and put Chace down and grab the remote.

All of a sudden the news anchor says "Coming up on channel 5 news at 5, Matthew Higa's court hearing details in the brutal 2008 murder of 2 yr old Cyrus Belt." My eyes immediately popped open because I couldn't believe that someone would actually murder an innocent child who at 2 years old was definitely not able to defend himself. I kept thinking that it had to be neglect or an accident. I waited patiently for the commercials to pass and when the story came back on about how baby Cyrus died, I got chills up and down my spine, tears filled my eyes instantly, my mouth dropped open, I started shaking to the point where I held on tight to Chace.

The SOB who murdered Cyrus Belt took this precious little baby (who was described as an extremely friendly and talkative little boy) and threw him over an EXTREMELY busy overpass onto oncoming traffic, killing him instantly!!!

I'm tearing up just having to write this post. It truly is heartbreaking what happened to this little boy.

There are some seriously sick people in this world but this has got to be one of the most heinous crimes I've ever heard of. Apparently Cyrus's mom as well as his murderer frequently used Crystal Meth and was believed to be on Meth the morning Cyrus died. Are you friggin kidding me?!?!

I watched the rest of the news in absolute shock and disgust as I looked at the man who did this and wished a brutal beating and harsh sentencing for him for doing such a despicable thing. I know that sounds harsh and I'm being judgmental but you just don't hurt an innocent child no matter what!!

I decided that I'd research the details surrounding why this happened to poor baby Cyrus and reading up on it is even more tragic than I expected. This poor, poor baby didn't deserve this. He had a mom who had drug problems and problems taking care of her 2 older children who were taken away from her before Cyrus was born. According to family members, she tried to turn her life around after having Cyrus but apparently the drugs got the best of her because she slipped right back into her old ways which inevitably caused this man to get close enough to her to have access to her child.

Something like this rocks a person to the core. The man who committed this crime is pure evil and evil on another level. I cannot imagine as a mom how I'd recover from this if I found out that someone did this to my baby. I guess it's different if you're a drug addict but how can she possibly live with herself knowing that she somehow contributed to her baby's death by not getting help and befriending such a sick individual?

I'm usually a pretty perky person who likes to keep things light and find laughter and good out of any situation but this is a situation that not even I can spin. The only good thing I can think of about all this is that Cyrus is definitely at peace and by God's side. His mother did not deserve to have him and just as the bible says "The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away."

I felt that it was my duty not just as a mom but as a human being to share this story. It's my hope that it gets around the internet enough to get people talking about how drugs can really devastate your life.

Ever since I've moved here I've noticed that Hawaii has placed major emphasis on stopping the use of Crystal Meth. Apparently its a huge problem here and this is one of the major reasons why stopping the use of Meth or any other drug for that matter is SOOOO very important.

Please, please, please read the details of Cyrus Belt's death here and here. Also watch the youtube feed to get a better idea of where this horrendous crime took place and how truly shocking it is that someone did this.

If nothing else, this story has made me that much more patient and appreciative of the gifts God has blessed me with. I'm so grateful that he trusted me so much to bless me with my 3 beautiful boys.

I'm also thankful that I'm strong enough to get through each day with his grace and love and that I'm not dependent on any drugs to survive.


  1. Oh sweet love is that sad. I watched a tv program last night on some normal network. I dont' usually watch tv but I instantly regretted it. The crime drama story - showed a man kidnapping 2 little girls and then taking them out on the ocean in a boat and he tossed one overboard.

    I cannot get it out of my head and now Cyrus.

    * so sad
    May angels hold him always.


  2. Oh wow. That story is really sad. I can't believe how sick people can be.

    Thanks for reading and commenting Hun.

  3. Nothing gets me more than a story like this, so sad. Hope Cyrus is happy forever in heaven, hope the monster that did this will wake up every night and live every second with the realization he murdered the most innocent of innocents and is the lowest of the low.

  4. That's shocking. I hate that we live in that kind of world. Its just heartbreaking to think how someone could be so evil. How could a living, thinking and conscience soul do something like that to a beautiful child?

  5. Oh my goodness. What a terrible, terrible tragedy. My eyes are tearing up now.


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