Bliss is -

Watching your little boys grow from boys to men right before your eyes.

Bliss is - Taking them for a late afternoon treat at Starbucks and asking munchkin # 2 if he wants to sit by the couches or the table for a while and hear him answer "Umm, I think the table is a much better option mommy." Did I mention he's 5 (well he's turning 6 in about 2 1/2 weeks).

Bliss is -

Having your 5 year old actually observe when you're having a hard time and having him step in to rescue you just when you need that extra hand.

Bliss is -

Going grocery shopping and having your children understand when you say, "too much sugar's not good for you." So they see the candy and resist the urge to ask if they can have it despite them REALLY wanting it.

Bliss is -

Coming home from grocery shopping and not having to ask your boys to help put the groceries inside. They know it's a must.

Bliss is -

Hearing your first born excitedly say "Mommy, go feed Chace while me and Ethan put the grocery away for you!" After hearing his little brother crying for his food.

Bliss is -

Coming back downstairs after feeding the baby and realizing that your children has put away all the groceries better than their father ever could. LOL (This truly tripped me out!!)

Bliss is -

Making homemade pizza with your children and hearing them say that they love it better than delivery pizza and that we shouldn't buy anymore pizza since we can make it at home. :-) (This definitely made my night)

Bliss is -

Having your children pick up their clothes off the bathroom floor after taking a shower without having to remind them.

Bliss is -

Watching your children sleep...

Maybe it's a strange coincidence but all of these thing happened within the span of 48 hrs. I was taken back by some of them because as mothers we sometimes feel like no matter what we say or do, our children seem to suffer from short term memory. Everything goes in one ear and out the other. (At least this is the situation for my boys)

It felt so good to know that they're finally getting it.
My goal in life as a mom is to make sure that I raise, responsible, independent, strong, classy, smart and intelligent young men. I want to make sure that they have all it takes to make their dreams come true and to make sure they don't believe in excuses. Whenever they hit a wall and want to give up, I usually tell them stories of other kids their age who are struggling. Often times I end up showing them pictures or videos online of these kids for reference and to make sure they know I'm serious.

By no means are my kids perfect (as far as behavior is concerned), they're still kids but they are REALLY great kids. They make my job as a mom really easy compared to other kids their age. God has blessed me tremendously and for that I'm forever grateful.

My kids provide me with ultimate "BLISS!!" :-)


  1. Beautiful family. God bless you all. Great job Kerry and Delwin!


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