Thursday, October 14, 2010

Is it ok to recycle your kids' Halloween costumes?

Take a good look at the pic above because at least one of these costumes will be recycled for this year's Halloween. lol.

Yes I'm VERY serious. Is it ok to recycle Halloween costumes for kids? Would they even care?

To my defense "Mario" aka munchkin # 1 is OBSESSED with his costume and insists on wearing it again this year so I'm more than happy to oblige. Unfortunately "the magician's" costume is too small for him.

Here's the thing, my boys are SUPER tall for their age so I end up having to buy costumes that are WAY too big for them and end up pinning the sides, arms & legs to fit them just right for the night. So this year a couple of the costumes are now the perfect fit for them so it's only right that they wear em again right? He he. Is that bad? Am I a bad mommy?

I mean seriously, it's not gonna hurt them. Let's be honest, their main focus is the candy. On top of that they're only gonna wear the costume for a few hrs so it won't be so bad.

Here's some background knowledge, I spent my entire childhood in Jamaica and we didn't believe in or celebrate Halloween. I was 12 yrs old when I moved to the states and got to celebrate Halloween and I LOVED it but mainly for the candy. My mom didn't buy my sisters and I costumes to go trick or treating, mainly because we were too darn old for costumes. So we made our own costumes from stuff around the house. We were gang members for 2 [maybe 3 yrs ;)]. lol. Yes I do realize that I went trick or treating at the age of 14 errr 15, hey don't judge me. lol Since those costumes obviously worked for us I figure that my kids having actual costumes whether old or new is a step up from my costume.

I talked it over with both older boys and they're perfectly fine with recycling old costumes so I'm SUPER happy about that.

Now I just have to find a cute costume for munchkin # 3 and it's time to party!!! :-)

Did anyone else recycle their kid(s) costumes? If so, how'd it go?

Happy Friday everyone. Have a blessed and safe weekend. ;)


  1. And why not?!? Nobody cares...and your kids will still enjoy Halloween and all the candy they will be getting! This is the first year that I decided that I am NOT going to buy a store costume. We will make do with all the dress-up cloths and recycled Halloween costumes from past years. I think I would always buy them store costumes because as a kid myself, we never got them...and I always wanted I tried to make up for my childhood dreams with my kids.

    Recycle away girlie!!!!!

  2. Heck yes this is okay to do!!! My kids continue to wear their costumes to play in, year-round. Nothing wrong with this at all, especially if they agree to wanting to be that character again! My middle son doesn't have a costume or an idea yet so this weekend, I'm going to suggest he go through the bag of old costumes and pick one!

  3. Keep the Mario one and buy a Luigi one for he other! :)

  4. Thanks ladies!! Now I don't feel so bad about it. lol

    @Brie- That's actually a good plan,hmmm...

    I'll be sure to update ya'll on how it goes. :)

  5. Of course it's alright! These costumes might already be the signature kids Halloween costumes for your kids that every year, whenever a Mario and a magician comes knocking at your neighbor's door, they'll know it's them! Spoils the surprise, but still fun nonetheless.


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