Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Wordful Wednesdays - "Eyebrows Please?"

I was recently going through my old photos and came across this picture of my lil munchkin # 1. Can you see what I see? The missing eyebrow on the left. LOL!!!

How did he manage to make a clean cut you ask? During summer break of 07 while his dad and I were at work lil man wanted to be nosy and grab a shaver out of the garbage because he was curious and wanted to do what "mommy" does. Umm... I was relieved that he didn't hurt or cut himself but of course I had to sit him down and explain 3 things:

1. NEVER dig in the garbage cause it's gross. Eww
2. Razors, shavers and all sharp objects are off limits. Unless you wanna help me cook dinner, he he, just kidding ;)
3. Boys usually don't follow what mommy does, they follow what daddy does and daddy doesn't shave his eyebrows.

I wasn't too hard on him with point # 3 because at the time hubby was a Drill Instructor so he was basically a passerby in the house for almost 2 yrs. I think his curiosity just got the best of him which is fine. Guess that's what growing up is all about. I'm just glad we can look back at this situation and laugh about it.

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Happy Hump Day everyone!!


  1. Great story!! My son tends to grab the scissors and has a go at his hair. More than once. SHEESH!!

  2. Cute story - it could have turned out so much worse! Still cute with a partial eyebrow, though... ;)

    WW: Future Driver

  3. Oh lord! At least he didn't cut himself deeply or anything! Sophie got a hold of mine last week and took a nice chunk out of her thumb. Bled forever!!

  4. Thanks for stopping by guys!! :)

    Pam- Whoa. That's crazy that he keeps going back for more with the scissors.

    Thanks for the sweet comments Stacy.

    Brie- OUCH!!!! Poor lil Sophia. I hope she's all better now. :/


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