Wednesday, May 9, 2012

It's - Work Out Wednesday!!

I almost forgot to post my updates of how I'm doing with this 90 day challenge. I'm happy to say that I can now wear shirts that I haven't worn since after giving birth to my second son. Funny thing is, I was able to drop baby weight and more after giving birth to my 1st and 2nd born just from breast feeding alone but my 3rd son's weight just loves my tummy and thighs and this love is a one way street. So I'm trying to evict it as soon as possible but it's hanging on for dear life. Of course age is a huge factor and genes but who says I can't fight back?

It's ok though, I've called in reinforcements with "Body By Vi" and it's working so far. I look forward to the day that I can see some clearly defined abs which means I have to actually work out huh? Blaahhh... lol

I decided to get back into my insanity work outs. Seems like I was doing insanity for ages and while it got me fit and toned a bit, I wasn't dropping weight the way I am now. So I'll be mixing my insanity work outs with "Body By Vi" to get my results then just maintain it afterwards.

Wish me luck! I'm actually starting to get excited about working out. Shocking, I know but I'm loving it. :)

Happy Hump day everyone!



  1. Great Kerry! Congrats on taking this challenge. Please keep sharing updates with us on your blog. And I'd love to see some pics too! =)

  2. Thanks doll! Will do. I'm approaching my 1st 30 days so I need to post pics of my before and after. I'm a little shy about showing them though, lol. I'm waiting for my full 6 pack to be truly defined then I'll have no problems posting those pics. I only have a 2 pack so far, lol. ;)

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  4. Thanks so much! Glad you enjoyed the site and found it useful. :)


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