Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Body By Visalus - 90 day challenge

I decided to take on a new adventure. As if I needed to add more to my already full plate, lol. I'm actually feeling really good about this new adventure because it has to do with fitness and living your best life.

I'm now a promoter for Visalus Sciences, a company that's leading in making people lose weight, keep it off and live their best and healthiest life possible. What I absolutely LOVED about this company was the fact that I can stay healthy, fit and lose weight without having to do hard core cardio.

I NEVER thought I'd be into meal replacement shakes but I am totally HOOKED on these shakes. Mainly because the shake mix tastes like ice cream. It's sweet cream flavored and tastes so yummy, especially when you mix it with fruits and juices or different types of milk. So far I'm loving my pina colada mixture which consists of the shake mix, a can of pineapples, dairy free coconut milk and ice. Oh so yummy!!!!

I actually look forward to getting up and drinking my shakes knowing that my meal is one less meal to worry about. I also love the fact that my grocery bill has now dropped drastically because I'm not shoving everything I can find in my mouth.

Overall, I'm on my 3rd week and I love the program and of course the business. The potentials are endless. I love being able to work from home and get to be around for my boys AND make money. Want more info on it? Go to

Win win for me!

I'll update you all on my journey soon...


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  1. works like magic really. this is the best product i have seen till now. thanks for the review.
    90 day challenge


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