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5 tips to help get you healthy and save your money!

I've been promoting the "Body by Vi" challenge for over a month now. When I first started, I thought for sure I'd be flooded with friends and family who'd be purchasing the different kits we have available, even if it was just the $49 kit. Seems like most of my family and friends are skeptical. Nevertheless, I'm starting to get more and more people on board and they are LOVING it. Not one of my many customers have had a bad experience with these products.

I was baffled at first about the hesitation but then I was talking it over with my hubby and came to realization that it's not that people don't want to lose weight, tone up or get healthy. I've found that most people aren't ok with change. Most people I know want the result of losing weight, staying fit and feeling energized but they don't want to do a complete change to accomplish it. Nothing wrong with that at all, to each his own. However, as with everything else in life, you can't see different results if we keep doing the same things. People are also concerned with the cost. Again, totally understandable, but after this post, you'll realize that not only will you be saving your life by starting this health program, you'll be spending less money grocery shopping AND on other weight loss programs because each "Body by Vi" shake is ONLY $1.87!!

Here are 5 top reasons and excuses I've heard as to why people are hesitant to join the challenge:

1.  I'm not a shake drinker!

This is a valid point. Some people are weird with textures of foods. However, the Body by Vi shakes are formulated for you to be able to mix into anything you're used to drinking. So you don't have to drink it as a shake. You can mix it in your juice, milk or just plain water. You can make it however you like because it comes in a yummy sweet cream flavored powder form that's easy to make and mix and tastes really good.

2.  Times are hard, I can't afford it!

This by far seems to be a big concern but in reality, you can't afford not to get a kit. ANNNDDD, Visalus is actually cheaper than Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers and all those other weight loss programs out there. 

Each shake is only $1.87 and contains all the nutrients required by your doctor to stay fit and healthy. If you had to buy all the foods included in each shake, you'd go broke. I've been drinking 2 shakes a day and hubby mostly drinks at least 1 shake a day with the kids drinking one if they're in the mood for one. On average, we spend about $800 to $1000 on groceries each month for a family of 5. This doesn't include our usual Friday night "eat out" trips or our typical Sunday evening Ice cream trips. I broke down our grocery bill for these past month and we've saved $400 so far. We've completely cut out our "eat out" nights because we're focusing on making sure "WE" are the ones mixing all the ingredients going into our food. Another reason for the drop in grocery price is because I stopped eating all the food in the house, lol. You'd think that in a house filled with mostly males, most of the eating would come from them but nope, it was all me. Luckily our boys are health junkies and they love fruits and veggies so stocking up on healthy stuff is great. I've also given them shakes as well and they really love it. Overall, we've saved a lot of money and I'm proud to say I didn't have a mid week trip to the grocery store at all this week. Well, I did but that was just for paper towel and garbage bags which I won't count, lol. So, we're spending less, eating less but we feel completely full, energized and healthy.

3.  I don't have the time to work out or make shakes!

Don't you think your health and wellness is worth the extra time needed to work out or make a shake? Well, if you're still too busy to fit in a work out then this program is the PERFECT program for you. The "Body By Vi" program is designed for you to drop weight and keep it off with no cardio involved. I know some of you are probably saying, WHAT?!?! Of course we still recommend getting some cardio in for heart health and because it's the smart thing to do but if you're ever strapped for time, know that the shake will still do the job of getting you fit and healthy without working out. As for making the shakes, it takes literally 5 minutes. This time includes grabbing the shake mix, putting in ice, water or milk and fruits, whatever you like in your shake. It's that simple and that quick.

4.  I'm too greedy, I have to eat solid foods!

This was me before joining the challenge, lol. Ummmm, no one is saying you have to completely cut out solid foods. I would surely not survive on this program if I had to cut out solid foods, lol. You can eat while drinking the shakes, we just recommend small, healthy meals to keep in line with making sure you stay conscious of your health at all times. I decided to drink shakes for breakfast and lunch, have small, healthy snacks in between and eat a regular but healthy dinner. 

5.  Will the weight stay off?

This is a big but extremely valid question. Yes the weight will stay off. We've seen it time and time again that people who've been on the kits for years are actually keeping the weight off. Why? Because the program works and because your mindset changes once your body changes. No one wants to put in the time and effort to lose weight only to gain it back. That wouldn't be smart. 

So these are my tips why everyone should join me on this 90 day fitness challenge. I've lost 6 pounds so far and I feel FANTASTIC! I'm not just saying this because I'm promoting the challenge, I'm saying this because I truly BELIEVE in the products. We have a kit for everyone and not just shakes, we have really YUMMY cookies for people like me who have a sweet tooth. The cookies are high in fiber and designed to help curb your appetite and cravings for sweet stuff. I seriously had to check the calories while eating one recently because I was afraid I shouldn't be eating the entire thing, it's that good, lol. 

I hope I've helped explained the challenge and it's benefits in detail to ya! If not, post a comment and let me know if you have any other questions and I'd be more than happy to answer them for you. 

In the meantime, check out my website for more details on all the great products we have to offer and to order your kit today. If you want to become a distributor as well, ask me how. :)

Also check out this video from a personal trainer who knows her stuff and made tons of money promoting the challenge:

We also have celebrities joining our challenge. Here's a recent video of celebs who decided to change their lives by using our products:

Let's get fit together!!



  1. Happy you are blogging again!!!! Question - Does the weight stay off if you stop drinking the shakes? ~Sach

  2. Thanks Latoya!

    Sach - we have a kit that most people use to keep the weight off, it's the $49 kit. I know people who've been on it for years and the weight is still off. They started with the Transformation kit to drop the weight then switched to the $49 kit to keep it off and stay healthy. One lost 100 pounds and her son lost 65 and they've kept it off.

  3. Well it is a very healthy information regarding weight loss.Hope it is useful for all the people who wants to reduce weight.Thanks for sharing this details to us.

  4. You're very welcome! Thanks for stopping by. :)


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